Jeffree Star Cosmetics ✝

Jeffree Star is an inspiration to all MUAs because he’s been in the business for so long.
You may know him for his liquid-to-matte lipsticks but this androgynous beauty has been performing and singing since 2006.

Star was discovered on MySpace ages ago and got really popular for his stellar makeup, cotton candy pink hair and crazy outfits. He started releasing music and by the end of 2009 he released his first full length album “Beauty Killer”. He is best known for his pink eyebrows and creative tattoos.

Jeffree stopped making music after a while and started focusing on his brand which we have all grown to love. He started teasing us with pictures and videos of liquid to matte lipsticks and finally released the first 3 in December of 2014. They were a huge success!

He is at almost 20 shades + 5 lip scrubs, he is currently working on some regular lipsticks and highlighters, his first palette is in the works!

What is so different about his liquid lipsticks you wonder? They’re the best of the best! They don’t dry your lips, they last all day and they pass the kissing test! Not only that, but they’re 100% vegan and cruelty free. As for the scent, some of the new shades come with a yummy vanilla root-beer smell. They’re VERY pigmented and there are a variety of shades to choose from.

These include:

Redrum: The perfect red. this matte cool toned red looks amazing on any skin tone.

Prom Night: The brightest matte pink in the world! Barbie, eat your heart out!

I’m Royalty: A royal purple for any diva who wants to make a statement.

Celebrity Skin: This soft brown nude with a peachy undertone will be everyones “go-to” fav.

Unicorn Blood: A dark rusty red that looks like it’s straight from a unicorn’s veins!

Weirdo: The blackest black matte lipstick on earth! This product can also be used as liquid eyeliner (yes, its eye safe!)

I’m Nude: This light-tan based nude can be wore alone or with your fav lip liner. She’s versatile.

Queen Supreme: This neon pastel pink is every girl and boy’s new best friend.

(7\11): This Dreamy Peachy color is named after the area Jeffree grew in.

Anna Nicole: She’s On FIRE! She is here to make a statement on your lips!

Posh Spice: This dreamy greige taupe is the perfect “nude” lipstick if you’re looking for something unique.

Jaw Breaker: This pastel blue is like bubble gum soda on your lips! Bold. Vibrant. Exciting.

Blue Velvet: “She wore blue velvet….” – Inspired by Bobby Vinton’s classic hit song, this vibrant royal blue is the perfect lipstick to make a statement.

Abused: This purpled toned navy blue is one of a kind. Matte. Bold. Sultry. We ALL abuse something. Whether it’s power, love, money or beauty… Just don’t let it control you.

Dominatrix: This gorgeous chocolate brown lipstick is extremely delicious. Be careful.

Masochist: The color of crushed berries on ice. This dark pink matte lipstick is cool toned and extremely addictive.

Dirty Money: Want lipstick that’s unique and will turn heads?? “Dirty Money” is the color of cold hard $$$!

Blow Pony: This pastel neon is a gorgeous shade of matte lavender. What does “Blow Pony “ mean? Anything you want it to.

Drug Lord: This matte white liquid lipstick is the first of it’s kind! She’s very versatile. This product can be used as a mixing medium to lighten other liquid lip shades, can be used as liquid eyeliner (YES, it’s eye safe!), lip art, ombré’s or can be worn by itself.

Doll Parts: This toned pink looks like Lindsay Lohan’s life in the movie Mean Girls.

Mistletoe: This green wonderland is the perfect green color, if you’re into unique colors you’ll love this.

Ho Ho Ho: The perfect Christmas red. What makes her special is she’s infused with purple glitter!! That’s right, make sure to rub your lips once it’s dried for a more dramatic look.

Androgyny: Be warned: this shade might be your new obsession! Sultry, plum mauve, matte and extremely addicting.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s: This green dream is super bright and screams “HIIII can you see me??”Pair this with a smokey eye and you’re set.

2 more shades are coming out very soon!!! As for the lip scrubs the flavors are: Stawberry bubblegum, Spearmint, Pumpkin Spice Lattè, Mojito & Root-beer! Follow this blog for more updates about Jeffree Star Cosmetics! -Alissa


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