Elie Saab, the new deal.

Beauty and fashion has been the main concern for ladies over the centuries, with that being said who doesn’t love to experiment with something new?

Well, Elie Saab is a well known Lebanese fashion designer owning workshops all the way from Milan to Paris. His work is self taught and his passion was tense ever since the age of eight, having his sister as a model and searching lace in his mothers closet Saab is now the most popular fashion label astonishing the runway.

elie saab 2elie saab 3elie saab 4elie saab first dress

Not only his fashion skills caused amazement, Saab launched his new fragrance called Rose Couture which is simply stunning by appearance and essence.


Additionally, Saab won 18 awards and his work was worn by some of the most famous celebrities in showbiz like Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry,      etc …

For more information visit Elie Saab’s website http://www.eliesaab.com/#/en/home





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