Health differentiations episode 1: WHITE BREAD vs. BROWN BREAD

To start off I would like to mention that both have the same amount of calories, yet the macros differ IMENSLEY. Have you ever wondered what bread is made up of ? Well here is a healthy guide to help y’all healthy lifestyle seekers.


Bread is bread, we eat it in sandwiches, spreads, cheese sometimes even salads! Although bread has a bad reputation, it is essential for any healthy lifestyle.

So here is the guide for a healthy choice.

breadHere is some hot bebe white bread 😉

Basically, white bread is made out of one ingredient… That’s right, flour! Holding to only one essential nutrient the endosperm.

bbWhereas this babe is made out of whole wheat which includes 3 essential nutrients (The bran, the germ and the endosperm)

Apparently, brown bread also holds the Nobel prize for nutrition-packed food! Why? Whole wheat is much higher in fiber, vitamins B6 and E, magnesium, zinc, folic acid and chromium.

So what is your healthy choice? Here is what you’ll benefit if you switch white bread to this delicious brown delicacy.

  • You lower the risk of heart disease
  • The high amount of fiber will help you digest faster
  • The fiber will also help you lose weight or maintain it as it will make you fuller quicker.

Of course, white bread has its own nutrients too! Yet when we refine the flour it loses from its nutritious qualities and remains only with iron, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and folic acid.

Here are the macros between one slice of white and brown bread.

Brown bread

Calories: 72 cals ; Fat: 0g ; Carbohydrates: 10g ; Fiber: 2g ; Sugar: 1g ; Protein: 4g

White bread 

Calories: 70 cals ; Fat: 1g ; Carbohydrates: 13g ; Fiber: 0g ; Sugar: 2g ; Protein: 2g

The choice is therefore for you! What do you choose?

P.S be careful, the market is full of color added “whole wheat” bread. Try purchasing your bread from well-known pastries or packages with whole grain assurance. Good luck!


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